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Next Level Readiness can assess your home or business, recommend and quote project specific security and safety solutions to provide a safe and secure environment for a home, neighborhood, school, business or organization. Our assessments are FREE!!!!

We can even install the recommendations we present you, as we are fully insured. 


Security cameras have come a long way in 5 years. From the grainy, blurry pictures on convenience store security cameras, we now have High Definition security cameras with integrated infrared night vision technology to be able to recognize facial characteristics from a distance of 100 feet or more.

 This upgrade in technology also provides an increase in the ability to catch and charge an individual with a crime. There is an added value to High Definition security cameras in that there is no monthly monitoring fees. An average security camera installation will pay itself off, when compared to a monitored security system, in approximately 10 months.

Never rely on a security company again. Take charge of your home and belongings with a High-Definition camera system.


Security Camera Solutions:

» High Definition Dome, Bullet and PTZ Security Cameras from Vonnic (a division of Sony)
» HD DVR Recording and Overwrite Capability

» Bank Level Encryption
» Numerous Options of Short or Long Range Infrared Night Vision Technology
» Hard Wired to a location of your choosing
» Monitor your Camera Feed on your Smartphone and your desktop
» Home and Business Installation

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Next Level Readiness Security Solutions:
» Site and Threat Assessments
» Advance Assessments, Planning and Coordination
» Hazard Vulnerability Assessment
» Event Security Planning and Operations
» Critical Infrastructure Protection
» Active Shooter Protocol Development and Training
» Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Compliant Training
» Bulletproof and Bombproof Product Installation
» Safe Room and Storm Shelter Installation
» Hi-Definition Security Camera Installation